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Live Hornworms!

  • Great for leopard geckos, smaller chameleons, baby and juvenile bearded dragons, like sized lizards and arachnids.
  • One of the best feeders you can buy for your pets.
  • Bright green/turquoise color stimulates the pickiest eaters.
  • Hardier than other soft bodied worm species.
  • Easy to keep and low maintenance.
  • Low fat and soft exoskeleton with no worry of impaction!  



Live delivery is NOT guaranteed when the destination temperatures in your area are below 45 degrees fahrenheit.  

We also will hold any shipment when the destination temperatures are below 25 degrees F.  

We take every measure to prevent live products from perishing in transit with the carriers. 


Please read below carefully before placing an order.   Thank you!  

  • Live Delivery Guarantee!*  See weather instructions below.  

  • Shipping INCLUDED in the price!   No guesswork!

  • Why order from us?   Our farms are some of the best in the industry!  One of them supplying insects to the hobby for almost 30 years!  

  • Orders will arrive 1-3 business days.  All live orders ship Monday thru Wednesday.  Wednesday after 11am CST,  Thursday, Friday and weekend orders will be shipped the following Monday to ensure live requirements, quality and delivery guarantee.  Please keep these shipping windows in mind.  We avoid live food sitting over the weekend.  

  • Please keep an eye on the weather in your area.  If possible ship to a business address, keep the product warm and DO NOT leave outdoors in cold weather or extreme heat.    

  • Weather and extreme temperatures may delay shipments. We do everything possible to ensure responsible live arrival.  If the temperature is under 45 F in your area and you place an order, you waive the live arrival guarantee.  We will NOT ship when the destination temperatures are below 25 Degrees F.  We also reserve the right to delay (until better temperatures) or cancel an order anytime due to extreme weather conditions.  

  • Crickets shipped during cold weather might arrive looking dead; just release them into the container and allow them 3-4 hours to warm up at room temperature. Cold temperatures can cause them to become dormant, but a few hours at room temperature usually perks them right up.

  • When choosing a cricket size, the best rule of thumb is to choose a size that’s smaller in width than the animal’s mouth you are feeding. It’s usually better to guess small on cricket size, rather than large. Your animals will still eat a cricket that is smaller than ideal size, but if the cricket is more than a mouthful, it’s too big.

  • We have many cricket sizes to choose from.  Please be aware of the cricket sizes you select!  Pinheads and 3 day sizes are very small.   Pinhead is exactly as described.  Size of a pinhead.  

  • If there are problems with your order, please report the issue within 24 hours of first delivery attempt.  After 24 hours all notifications will not be honored. 

  • All orders must be recevied at the first delivery attempt.  If the tracking and/or carrier indicates an incomplete/insufficent address, package was left at the front door, needed more than one delivery attempt or is returned to the sender, the guarantee is null and voided.  

  • Live goods and dry goods ship from different locations.  If your order has a combination of items, they may arrive at different times and/or days.  

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